Another beautiful morning in Croxton Park

Another beautiful morning at Croxton Park, the early morning mist was starting to burn off as the sun was rising on my arrival, and the day was looking to be set fair.  We are still getting to know the land so I had an interesting and enjoyable three hour walk.  I saw so many hares that I literally lost count, I spotted one muntjac deep in the trees, it was clear to see through the thermal but the undergrowth is so dense this time of year that it was impossible to pick out through the binoculars.  I found an old high-seat above a clearing in one of the woods, it has not been maintained and it pretty much fell to pieces when I tested it.

 All the peas have now been harvested so it was clear to see the signs of deer activity, slots, scat and some very obvious lying up places where they are ether spending the night or taking their siesta. 

 All in all a great but tiring walk spoilt only by my useless Härkila Pro Hunter boots, £300+, one year old and leaking like a sieve!

Neil Rice