A visit to "The Isle" Edward Tate's farm in Shrewsbury

An excellent day with Edward Tate on his farm in Shrewsbury, He explained how he is using ‘Enhanced Ecological Management Project’ and ‘Social Programs’ which have gradually evolved over the last ten years. In simple terms he is attempting to reduce his reliance on bagged fertiliser, improve soil health and benefit the natural environment whilst helping local and visiting communities enjoy the health, recreational and educational benefits of a rural setting. Currently all his activities are self-funded with no external fiscal contribution. As with everything these days The Isle has its own mission statement:

“To sustainably farm for the future”. (Sustainability incorporates continual evolution and dissemination of financial, environmental and social practices).

As I was leaving one of the peacocks was putting on a display for a gathering of peahens, this would have been all the more impressive had it not been taking place on a pile of horse manure.

Neil RiceThe Isle